Open an Account with us

We are suppliers to the trade.  You must be a trading hairdresser or salon to open an account with us, and in some instances we may require verification that you are trading.

There are two account options when it comes to opening an account at Southern Salon Supplies:

1.  You can apply for a Credit Account

2.  You can apply for a Cash Account.

A Credit Account means that you can charge goods to your account and you must pay before the 20th of the month following invoice. 

A Cash Account means that you are charged for your goods as you go.  With this option we can also hold your credit card details and charge your card as your goods are dispatched. 

To apply for an account please choose from the two options on your right.  To open an account you must be a New Zealand resident. 

After you have submitted your form Amy will be in touch to confirm receipt of your application. 

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