Designing the perfect salon

Top tips from Southern Salon Supplies for renovating your salon

Starting out

Designing a salon environment that is inviting, inspiring and functional is not as easy as it sounds. Southern Salon Supplies can provide advice and assistance when purchasing and have showrooms in Christchurch, Dunedin and Wellington. We can offer some helpful advice when it come to creating a great salon environment.


Renovating your salon is a potentially expensive exercise so taking time to plan the project and think about the functionality of the space is crucial. Think about how you can best use the space available to you and storage options for equipment that will leave the salon looking uncluttered and clean.  There are a number of key zones in any salon including reception, styling areas, basins, retail and staff space. Consider the links between these spaces and how they will function during high demand.


Good furniture is one of the most important investments for your salon. We carry a wide range of furniture that can help transform your salon; from basins, chairs and dryers to shampoo units, styling stations and trolleys, there is the right product for your style and budget.  Remember to give yourself plenty of time to purchase your furniture, starting the process at least three months prior to opening day is a good rule of thumb. And remember that good quality in all aspects of your business drives return customers.


The use of colour in a salon setting can have a powerful influence on how your clients feel about the space. You can use colour to indicate to clients the type of salon you’re running. For example bright colours such as red, orange and yellow indicate a fast paced, lively environment, where as earth tones and neutrals provide calming, relaxing cues. The combinations of colours used can also have an effect on the overall perception of the salon. Using a family of colours can provide a textural effect with is interesting and enticing.

See our latest furniture guide for your own salon renovation checklist!


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