Scissor Prices

Forged vs Casting - What's the difference?

Metal can be formed into the shape of a scissor in two ways.  It can be forged (hammered under high pressure in machines) or it can be cast (melted and poured into a mould). 

It's much cheaper to make a scissor by casting than forging.  The end product looks virtually the same to the naked eye, but cast scissors are more brittle than forged scissors.  They are more likely to break when dropped, rust easily, tend to have a shorter life span and can be harder for scissorsmiths to repair.

Most cheap scissors are cast and most premium scissors are forged, so be wary of cheap scissors being passed off as forged.  Remember that top quality scissors which are forged from the finest quality steels will always cost more.

Avoid cheap sharpening

If you're serious about using high quality scissors then you must be prepared to look after them right from the start.

Genuine, high quality scissors are designed to be serviced (sharpened) again and again, and also to be repaired when dropped.  They have fine arcs, angles and surfaces and inner curvature that's difficult to measure and correct.  They are complex and many blade smiths and mobile sharpeners just don't know how to care for.  Repairs and adjustments need to be done by a fully trained technician.


Pointers on new scissors

New edges need to be allowed a few days to bed and wear into each other.  Avoid cutting heavy sections or using stong thumb pressure cutting as the new edges can be more easily damaged.

Take time to become accustomed to the sharp edges to avoid cutting your fingers. 

If the scissors fold the hair, this is due to insufficient tension so tighten it a little.

If there is build-up of hair product on your scissors, wash them with HOT water.  Do not use detergent.

Dip or wipe over scissors with methylated spirits to clean them - and use a clean cloth or tissue.

Use only scissor oil for your scissors - not clipper or machine oil as they will clog and rust your scissors.  Fully open them and apply a small drop of oil to the inside of the blades, and the balance faces which are located just behind the centre screw.

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